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Welcome to Incheon Art Platform, where we are committed to the transmission of art and culture to the global communities.

Situated in the Land of the Morning Calm the ancient city of Incheon has historically served as gateway to the world. The Incheon Art Platform occupies strategic and ideal location within the City of Incheon actively promoting open international communication exchange in art and culture. During the modern era, Incheon city, specifically Haean dong was the site of conflict among powerful nations seeking control of the treaty port. The implication of the tumultuous history of Incheon has helped the development of Incheon into a cultural and humanitarian city that we see today.

Incheon Art Platform’s main goal was to transform the storage facilities that were the physical architectural relics from the influx of Western cultures from the modern era when Incheon was a treaty port. It has been the main focus for IAP to reinterpret these cultural assets into a site of creative spaces for art and culture for generations to come.

The goal of Incheon Art Platform is to engage both the local and international artists practicing various genre of art and facilitate cooperative communication among artist communities. Dreams and wishes of the citizens of Incheon include a realization and a renaissance of their beloved city that will be recognized as a place of international art and culture.

Incheon Art Platform Director Seungmi  Lee

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