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2013 Artists Preview Exhibition : 2013 PLATFORM ACCESS
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4th Preview Exhibition of the Incheon Art Platform Resident Artists<2013 Platform Access>

This spring in March, We are pleased to announce the opening of <2013 Platform Access>, a preview exhibition of the 4th Incheon Art Platform residency program. This exhibition will be a time that introducing the new residency artists and how they could try to assess to IAP.

Now, the new artists, citizens and mediator attempt to free-access as a topic of culture an art. We ask that you take time out of your busy schedule and attend the opening ceremony to honor the exhibition.


Date     March 7. THU, 2013 -  May 26. SUN, 2013

               ▪ 10:00 - 18:00(SUN - THU) , 10:00 - 20:00(FRI, SAT)

Venues   Incheon Art Platform Building A, B, H etc.


Visual Arts : KIM Kira KIM Se-Jin KIM Wonhwa KIM Jooho Noh Gihun LEE Geumhong PARK Gwangsoo

PARK Hyemin BAIK Intae Okin Collective LEE Sooyoung LEE Ju-ri LEEHAIMINNSUN JEONG Kihoon JUNG Jihyun  CHA Ji-ryang CHOI Sungrok HAM Kyungah Liat LIVNI(Israel) Sylvia WINKLER & Stephan KÖEPERL(Austria, Germany)  Angie ATMADJAJA(Indonesia) Olivia VALENTINE(USA) Jörg OBERGFELL(Germany) Instant Coffee(Canada)

Jorge CABIESES-VALDES(Chile) Julien COIGNET(France) 

Performing Arts : SHIN Seungryul SHIN Jaehoon JEON Kwangpyo JEONG Jinse Paris Legakis(Greece)

Literature, Criticism : KIM Haejin LEE Daebum LIM Jeongja Elisa TOSONI(Italy) DU xiyun(China)

Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residency : KIM Soomi Emma BELL(UK) Yishay GARBASZ(UK)