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2012 Artist-in-Residence Program Book
Author : IAP
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2012 Artist-in-Residence Program Book


A year has passed since the artists settled down in Haean-dong 10-1, Incheon. The artists made themselves at home in Incheon for the past year, participating in various residency program planned by the Incheon Art Platform(IAP). IAP has been running diverse programs including: an Incheon Research Tour that raises artists’ interest in regional agenda and offers new inspiration for art project; an art analysis program that allows 1:1 interaction between residency artists and outside experts; an art theorists-matching program that promotes art world via critique; and an art lecture that delves into the trend and the understanding of contemporary art at both home and abroad; plus various legislatures and assistance program much needed for artists.
IAP also offers other opportunities for the artists through the launch of artwork assistance project, special exhibition, international exchange program and other displays to further the artists’ interaction with citizens of Incheon as well as collaboration with artists of different genres.
The <2012 Platform Artists> is an exhibition that showcases the final work of the artists who participated in the third year of the IAP program. The output is the result of their year-long reflection and experiment with art. Such exhibition which is also includes performance and stage acts, expressing the artistic vision and passion of the ‘artists’ of the ‘platform’.
IAP roots for our 3rd-year-artists. We hope they spread their wings of dream and passion in the much bigger and more beautiful world out there.
February 2013

LEE Seungmi
Director of Incheon Art Platform

목차 Contents

010 인사말 Foreword
012 시설 Facilities
014 프로그램 Programs
014 예술가 입주 공모 Open Call for Residency Artist
016 프리뷰전 : 해안동 10-1 Preview Exhibition : Haean-dong 10-1
020 플랫폼 살롱 Platform Salon
028 이론가 매칭 프로그램 Theorist and Artist Matching Program
030 2012 플랫폼 페스티벌 & 오픈스튜디오 2012 Platform Festival & Open Studio
034 결과보고전 : 2012 플랫폼 아티스트 Final Exhibition : 2012 PLATFORM ARTISTS
038 플랫폼 쇼케이스 Platform Showcase
040 예술가 참여 교육프로그램 Public Educational Program with Residency Artist
042 국제교류 프로그램 International Exchange Program
044 창작지원 프로젝트 Supporting Project
우주다방 Wuju Dabang
예술의 쌩얼 Naked Face of Arts
즐거운 나의 집 : 노동자들의 도시, 인천 HOME SWEET HOME : The Workers's City, Incheon
048 백령도 평화예술 레지던시 Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residency

054 3기 입주 예술가 3rd-term Residency Artists

- 시각예술 Visual Artists
구본아 KOO Bon-a 예추치 YEH Tzu-chi
권윤희 KWON Yuni 오석근 OH Suk-kuhn
김 봄 KIM Bom 웁쓰양 Woopsyang
김선희 KIM Sun-hee 윌 볼튼 Wil BOLTON
김수환 KIM Soohwan 이수영 LEE Sooyoung
김시하 KIM Siha 이시하라 노리코 ISHIHARA Noriko
김윤아 KIM Yunah 이의성 LEE Ui-sung
김창기 KIM Chang-ghi 전윤정 CHUN Yun-jung
김효숙 KIM Hyo-suk 정용일 CHUNG Yongil
민재영 MIN Jaeyoung 조우치 ZHOU Qi
박방영 PAK Bang-young 짜까판 타나티라난 Jakraphun THANATEERANON
박상희 PARK Sang-hee 차지량 CHA Ji-ryang
벤자민 필립스 Benjamin PHILLIPS 카밀라 스제노치 Kamila SZEJNOCH
신태수 SHIN Taesoo 칼라&안드레즈 Karla&Andrés
홍지윤 HONG Ji-yoon
- 공연예술 Performance Artists
만요컴퍼니 Manyo Company
신재훈 SHIN Jaehoon
연희컴퍼니 유희 Yeonhee Company U-hee
- 문학·연구 및 비평 Literature · Research, Criticism Artists
미즈타 사야코 MIZUTA Sayako
안은영 AHN En-young
이지현 LEE Ji-hyun
이 퐁 Leepong

322 국제교류프로그램 International Exchange Program
전소정 JUN Sojung

추앙 후이린 CHUANG Hui-lin

336 작가약력 Artists' Profile