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2011 Resident Artistis' Final Exhibition : 2011 PLATFORM ARTISTS
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Resident Artistis' Final Exhibition : 2011 PLATFORM ARTISTS

This event is, as a platform for opening the outcomes of the activities of creation Incheon Art Platform's resident artists have done during a stay in their studio to the public, the Exhibition of Outcomes Reports to show the works by the artists of the various genres including visual art, performance art and literature. Through the , resident artists prepare to go out into the world like a huge whale, and Incheon Art Platform plans to more actively play a role as a platform for the communication and exchange among next-term artists. At the for the second-term resident artists, 42 persons in 35 teams, their plane, installation, video, text and three-dimension works were arranged to most effectively reveal the context of a work, with making use of not only the exhibit hall but also the various sites including studios for group work, project room and Crystal Cube in Incheon Art Platform. A field of literary criticism also showed spectators the artists's creations through the varied methods including wall text and video.

· January 19 ~ February 26, 2012  Incheon Art Platform Building A, B, C, E, H, etc.
· KIM Young-wook, KIM Jae-min, KIM Tae-eun, KIM Tae-jun, KIM Heaji, Dana OLARESCU(Rumania), the memelab(Canada), Radical Intention(Italy), JOON Y. MOON, PARK Seok-tae, PARK Young-sook, BAAK Haamin, BAE Jin-ho, Sascha POHLE(Germany), SON Hyemin, Elisa Fernández ARTETA(Spain), YeonHee Company U-Hee, OH Min-su, OH Suk-kuhn, OH Si-eun, YOO Gwang-sig, YOO Ji-whan, YUN Suk-nam, YOUN Ju-hee, YOON Jung-kang, LEE Minkyung, LEE Bommsoon, LEE Seung-hyun, IM Sun-iy, Joshua ROBERTS(USA), JoSeub, TAKESHI Moro(Japan), Fernanda CHIECO(Brazil), HYEON Tae-joon, HONG Sung-min






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