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2011 Artist-in-Residence Program Book
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The Incheon Art Platform spend a busy year in 2011. 35teams (42 people) of Incheon Art Platform artists who started in March with the《Incheon Landing Exhibition》 conducted various strategies in multiple fields such as visual, performance and literature critique. The 42 artist worked actively, sometimes through the lines they drew themselves and sometimes through joint strategies based on cooperation, and created new artistic visions. In this process, the Incheon Art Platform aimed to play the role of a field headquarters on the frontline at times, the role of a situation room that commands strategies and others, and the role of a support base to re-pump the artists at still others.
The Incheon Art Platform, which supports creative activities and exchange of artists through old buildings built long before modern times, operates small and large exhibitions and performances for artists to show off their skills to the fullest, and various creative education programs. It contains the artistic process of change of various artists that cannot be categorized through things such as genre, nationality or background, just like how the urban characteristics of Incheon that have come and gone like the high and low tides of contemporary culture seem to prove they are still valid.
The Incheon Art Platform now plans to present the artworks of the artists it worked with to the world through the 《2011 Platform Artists》Platform Artists 2011 contains the painful but joyous passions and desires of art in a small studio that remembers the matrix of creation, and a hot exhibition hall and performance hall. We hope these passions will develop into noble existences in the wide world. We are certain they will. The Incheon Art Platform plans to continue new, creative strategies so the visions and aspirations of many artists can turn into reality.

Lee Seung-mi
Director of Incheon Art Platform






10  인사말  Foreword
13  시설  Facilities
14  프로그램  Programs


14  예술가 입주 공모  Open call for Residency Artist
16  프리뷰전 : 인천상륙작전  Preview Exhibition : Incheon Landing Operation
20  플랫폼살롱  Platform Salon
28  이론가 매칭 프로그램  Theorist and Artist Matching Program
30  2011 플랫폼페스티벌 & 오픈스튜디오  2011 PLATFORM FESTIVAL & Open Studio
36  결과보고전 : 2011 플랫폼아티스트  Final Exhibition : 2011 PLATFORM ARTISTS

41  창작지원 프로젝트  Supporting Project

      핑크룸 5 Pink Room 5
      타임캡슐-기억할 수 없는 기억 Time Capsule-Unremembered Meomory
      Show·Room 전시장 Show·Room Gallery
      영웅들의 섬 The Island of Heroes
      플랫폼 + 人 Platform + 人
      Reply 2011-평화, 인천, 소통 Reply 2011-Peace, Incheon, Communication
      스포트라이트-신포시장 사람들 Spotlights-People of Sinpo Market
      게임 온 Game On
      오버 더 스테이지 Over the Stage
      단절의 미학 The beauty of disconnection
      어부의 의자 Fisherman’s Throne
      서해 프로젝트-니나나나 Seohae Project - Ninanana
      장소 14 PLACE 14


55   작가와의 대화  Artists’ Talk


60    2기 입주 예술가  2nd-term Residency Artists


       김제민 KIM Jae-min                                         김태준 KIM Tae-jun
       김혜지 KIM Heaji                                              다나올라레스큐 Dana OLARESCU
       더 미미랩 the memelab                                     라디컬 인텐션 Radical Intention
       문준용 JOON Y. MOON                                     박석태 PARK Seok-tae
       박영숙 PARK Young-sook                                 박하민 BAAK Haamin
       배진호 BAE Jin-ho                                           사샤 폴 Sascha POHLE
       손혜민 SON Hyemin                                         엘리사 페르난데즈 알테타 Elisa Fernández ARTETA
       연희컴퍼니 유희 YeonHee Company U-Hee         오민수 OH Min-su
       오석근 OH Suk-kuhn                                         오시은 OH Si-eun
       유광식 YOO Gwang-sig                                    유지환 YOO Ji-whan
       윤석남 YUN Suk-nam                                       윤주희 YOUN Juhee
       윤중강 YOON Jung-kang                                   이민경 LEE Minkyung
       이봄순 LEE Bommsoon                                     이승현 LEE Seung-hyun
       임선이 IM Suniy                                               조슈아 로버츠 Joshua ROBERTS
       조 습 JoSeub                                                   타케시 모로 TAKESHI Moro
       페르난다 치에코 Fernanda CHIECO                     현태준 HYEON Tae-joon
       홍성민 HONG Sungmin


304   지역연계 프로젝트 예술가   Resident Artist for Local Project


       김영욱 KIM Young-wook     김태은 KIM Tae-eun


318   작가약력  Artists’ Biographies