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List of past Residencies

Subject 2013 Call for Project Application(for foreigners) : Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residency 2013
Flag 4Ath
Period 2012-11-01 ~ 2012-11-15
Case Fixed time
Duration of Stay 1-year term residency ~
3-months term residency case1 2013-03/04/05
3-months term residency case2 2013-06/07/08
3-months term residency case3 2013-09/10/11
3-months term residency case3 2013-12/2014-01/02

IAP Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residency 2013
Call for Project(for foreigners)


  Incheon Art Platform is running Peace Art Residency which supports artists who can produce creative works related to Baengnyeongdo and Seohae-o-do(five islands in West Sea) with local community in Baengnyeongdo. Applications are invited from people in art-realted fields who would like to produce works, conduct research, etc. from March 2013.
1. Application Period  1st November – 15th November 2012
2. Application Deadline  6pm 15th November 2012 (Koreatime, to be strictly observed)
3. How to apply  The online application procedures at
www.inartplatform.kr to be followed.
4. Discipline 
- Visual art, Installation/Video, Performance art, Research and Criticism, etc.
- Interdisciplinary art, Site-specific art, Community art, etc.
- Educational program, creative work with local residents, etc.
- Artists of all genres


5. Duration of Stay  3months
(a) March 2 ~ May 30, 2013
(b) June 1 ~ August 30, 2013
(c) September 1 ~ November 29, 2013
(d) December 1, 2013 ~ February 28, 2014
   * Applicants can choose two types of duration.
  ※ It is not allowed for applicants to apply for Incheon Art Platform artists-in-residence 2013 at the same time.
  ※ It is allowed for former and current artists-in-residence of Incheon Art Platform to apply for Baengnyeongdo Peace Art Residency.


6. Qualification for Application
1) An artist or a group should be born before 15th October 1987(excluding undergraduate students).
2) The artists should be able to lead a community life with other artists in the residency. Admission given to only the actual occupant of studio.
3) Proposal of project should be performed during the duration of stay(otherwise, the appointment decision of an artist  or a group  is in question will be canceled)
4) It is not allowed to bring families, children and animals.
  * A group may have advantages, if it is formed by Korean and international artists together.
7. Support Offered by the Program 
1) Accommodation  *Check the attached file of introduction for residency space
2) Airfare for residents from overseas.(Selected artists only by examination)
  ※ one-time round trip economy class air ticket – reimbursement to be made only for those who submit the receipt after arrival in Korea)
3) Some of living coasts and project fee(Selected artists only by examination)
4) Participation in Peace Art Project and special exhibitions of Incheon Art Platform(Further discussion with IAP is essential)


8. Application Procedure
a) Application Period: November 1st –15th (Tue), 2012. 18:00(Korea time, to be strictly observed)
b) Documentation Submitted
- Completed application form
- Personal description
- Arts activity plan during the Artists-in-Residence program,
- CV focused on local/international arts activities.
- Work samples



Visual Arts

- The image file extension should be *.jpg(RGB mode) or *.ppt to be submitted in the form of a digital file.(captions included) It should not exceed 20 pages per file and the total file size should not exceed 50MB (1MB or less per page)
- The video file extension should be *.avi, *.mov, *.mp4 and should not exceed 5 minutes. (artists can provide three files or more, the total file size should not exceed 700MB.)

Performing Arts

- Books, brochures, data during the recent three years(Scan after uploading)
- Video, performance photo(file type same as above)

Literature, Criticism

- Poem : more than 10 works
- Novel, theater, fairy-tale, prose : short story-more than 3 works, middle story-more than 2 works, long story-more than 1work.
- Research, study, criticism : more than 5 works
- The text file extension should be *.hwp, *.doc, *pdf to be submitted in the form of a digital file. (image, video file type is same as above)


  * The resident should buy a traveler’s insurance in his/her native country before departing for Korea and the copy of it should be submitted to IAP after arrival. and should submit their medical checkup reports.


c) How to apply:
- The online application procedures at
www.inartplatform.kr to be followed. Application is only available through our website procedures.
- The online application will be closed at 18:00 November 15 (Tue), 2012 (Korea Time). As you may expect a rush in the traffic when the deadline approaches, please prepare and submit your application in advance if you can.
- Please be advised that the application will not be accepted and registered after the deadline, which means that the applicant must fill out the application within the deadline.
- All documents for the application should, in principle, be submitted online at IAP’s website. If it is not possible, the applicant may send them to us via registered mail. Email or in-visit submission is not available. (If the applicant wishes to send those documents via registered mail, he or she shall obtain the consent from IAP though an email or phone confirmation and make sure that they arrive no later than November 16(Tue), 2012. Any disadvantage incurred as a result of an error in the application, incomplete/lack of required documents, inability to confirm their arrival, etc. shall be borne by the applicant, and the received documents will not be returned.)


9. Selection Procedure and Notification
1) The Selection Committee comprising art professionals will strictly screen all participants.
2) We may requires interview on E-mail or telephone during November 12-18, 2012
3) The final decision will be informed by last of December, 2012 (notification date to be determined) and will be posted on the website of Incheon Art Platform:


10. Others
a) The incomplete and insufficient provision of information in the submitted documents may be subject to disadvantages in the selection review process.
b) The received documents will not be returned, and if false information is revealed, the appointment decision of an artist is in question will be canceled.
c) Any disadvantages incurred as a result of not fully understanding the content of this announcement will be borne by the applicant and Incheon Art Platform shall not be held responsible for it.
11. Enquiries
Phone: 82.32.760.1006
Address: Incheon Art Platform, 400-021 10-1 Haean-dong 1ga, Jung-gu, Incheon, S.Korea
12. Attachment
- Projct application(application from, letter of self-introduction, arts activity plan, CV)


October 18, 2012.
Director of Inchen Art Platform