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List of past Residencies

Subject 2014 IAP Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residency Project Call for Applications
Flag 5Ath
Period 2013-11-04 ~ 2013-11-19
Case Fixed time
Duration of Stay 1-year term residency ~
3-months term residency case1 2014-03/04/05
3-months term residency case2 2014-06/07/08
3-months term residency case3 2014-09/10/11

[Public Notice No. 2013-20]


2014 IAP Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residency Project

Call for Applications (Foreign Artists)

Incheon Art Platform ("IAP") runs a residency program offering a creative work space for artists who feature on Baengnyeong-do and Sohae-odo (five islands of West Sea) as part of a community project. IAP is now openly seeking creative and promising new artists to partake in our various projects from March 2014.


1. Applicants :

Korean and Foreign nationality artists (Single or Group Applicants)


2. Summary

A. Announcement: Wednesday, 23 OCT 2013

B. Application Duration: Monday, 4 NOV 2013 - Tuesday, 19 NOV 2013

   (18:00 deadline)

C. Application Method: Online applications by IAP Website (www.inartplatform.kr)


3. Fields of Recruitment

- Interdisciplinary art, Site-Specific art, Community art, etc.

- Art education and creative workshops with local citizens, etc.

- All genre of art : visual art, performance art, literature, research, critique, etc.

* Multi-cultural groups of artists interested in collaborative work.


4. Duration of Residency



Residency Duration

Korean and Foreign Artists

Visual Art, Installation/Imagery, Performance Art, Research & Criticism, etc. All genre applicable.

3 Months

2014/03-05(a), 2014/06-08(b), 2014/09-11(c)

  * Applicants are prohibited from appling for both IAP's 2014 Artists-in-Residence program and Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residency Program.

  * Artists of IAP's Artists-in-Residence program or previous program artists (2009-2013) may apply.


5. Qualification for Application

A. Creatively active single or group applicants, over 24 years of age (applicant must be born before 23 OCT 1988) from the date of notice (undergraduate students excluded).  

B. Artist who can move into the studio residence on the island.

C. Applicant must be diligent in adhering to the project implementation plan. (IAP may revoke support from noncommittal artists)

D. Pets, young children, or families members are not allowed to reside with the applicant.

E. Applicants must be fluent in English to give lectures or workshops.


6. Support offered by Program

A. Provision of studio (*Please note studio information materials prior to applying.)

B. Partial aid in staying expenses and projects (differential aid based on internal review of plan)

C. Round trip plane tickets offered to foreign artists

D. Opportunity to participate in Peace Art Project and/or exhibitions (must confer with IAP)


7. Evaluation & Schedule(provisional)

A. Evaluation Process: Administrative evaluation > 1st documentation screening > 2nd interview (based on select applicants from 1st screening)

B. 2nd interview is limited to Korean nationality artists. Foreign nationality artists may be asked to be interviewed by mail or phone during 12 DEC 2013 ~ 18 DEC 2013.

  * Applicant's chosen field of application may be changed during administrative evaluation based on IAP standards.

C. Announcement: Listed on IAP website by end of DEC 2013. Final applicants will be notified individually.

  * Schedule subject to change based on evaluation process.


8. Application & Documentation

: Incheon Art Platform www.inartplatform.kr online application form

A. Application for residency, personal resume & overall explanation of applicant's work, creative plan during residency program, work resume (approx. 2,000 words each)

B. Work Portfolio : digital format (inc. work captions)


Application Field

Work Description

Visual Art, Installation/Imagery, Other

- Image files *.jpg(RGB format), *.ppt format 20 pages or less (1MB per page, 50MB size limit per file), description of work.

- Video files must be in *.avi, *.mov, *.mp4 format, files no more than 5 minutes each, must provide min. of 3 works (max. 700MB size limit in total)

Performance Art

- Books, brochures that can support applicant's work of recent 3 years (scan/upload)

- Visual media, work image, etc. (same file format & size limit to Visual Art category)

Literature, Criticism

- Poem, Sijo(3 verse Korean poem), verse etc. : 10 works or more

- Fiction, play, children's story, prose, etc. : 3 short stories, 2 novellas, 1 novel/feature or more

- Research, study, Essay in Criticism, etc. : 5 works or more

- Text files must be in *.hwp, *.doc, *.pdf format. Same conditions apply for Image and video files as above.(see Visual Art)

* Applicants who wish to send in additional publications may send works published after JAN 2008 via registered mail. (Sent copies will not be returned)


 C. Final select foreign applicant must send in a copy of passport, medical examination certificate, traveler's insurance.


 D. Rules

* On-line residency application deadline is Tuesday 18:00 (Korean time), 19 NOV 2013. Last minute rush of applications are expected. Therefore, all applicants are expected to send in their applications well in advance.

* Please note that on-line applications will no longer be accepted after deadline. (All information must be inputted prior to deadline)

* Applications, in principle, must be submitted on-line at IAP website. However, publications for literature and research fields will be accepted via registered mail as additional work resume. Applicants MUST contact IAP via phone to receive prior approval for sending in additional material. (Additional material will be accepted if it arrives by no later than Tuesday 18:00, 19 NOV 2013). All submitted documents and work will not be returned. IAP will not accept any e-mail attachments, personal drop offs, or messenger services for submissions.


9. Others

A. Submitted documents will be used for evaluation and therefore all information provided must be correct. Any incomplete and insufficient material may be subject to disadvantages in the selection review process.

B. All submitted documents will not be returned, and if false information is revealed, appointment of applicant will be canceled.

C. IAP does not accept any responsibility in the misunderstanding of the applicant regarding this announcement. The applicant bears full responsibility for any disadvantages incurred as a result of not fully understanding the content of this announcement.


10. Inquiries

Phone +82.32.760.1006 (working time : from Monday to Friday, 09:00~12:00, 13:00~18:00)

E-mail  residency@ifac.or.kr

Address  Incheon Art Platform, 18-3 Jemullyang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon, S.Korea 400-021



2013. 10. 23.

Director of Incheon Art Platform