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[ Exhibition ] The 10th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition Overdrive 2009-2019: traveling subjects, creators, experience of places, Section 5. 'Experience in Place'

Exhibition Period
2019-09-25 ~ 2019-10-27
Exhibition Time
10:00 - 18:00, ް
Exhibition Location
IAP Building H Project Room
Admission Fee
Exhibition Question

The 10th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition Overdrive 2009-2019: traveling subjects, creators, experience of places

Section 5. Experience in Place


IAP Building H Project Room

2019.09.25, Wed–10.27, Sun, 10am-6pm, No Closing days

Replay, which is presented along with the 10th-Anniversary Incheon Art Platform, is an architectural archive exhibition of IAP. IAP has been receiving much attention since its opening in 2009 as a creative space remodelling of modern architecture around Haean-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon. After more than a decade, IAP is still recognized for its architectural significance as the nation's advanced case of urban renewal and remodelling of vacant space.

The main concept of IAP's architectural design is "emptiness and coexistence, memory and enjoyment, creation and extinction." To preserve the changing appearance of the city in a long period of history, it has minimized the newly constructed buildings and maintained the street sections formed during the opening port era, and the architectural landscape as much as possible. The building was designed to secure as much open space as possible to allow various artistic experiments of both tangible and intangible and to preserve traces of past architecture by adding glass. Also, it has the overbridge and corridors connecting between buildings so that the entire complex could be rotated through, and it was constructed as open space to allow inflow in any direction without a fence. At the exhibition, architect Hwang Soon-woo will present materials related to the formation of the IAP that he has recorded, collected and used while working as the Master Architect at the time of its establishment. Through past photos, videos, and model installations at the time of creation, one will be able to see changes of IAP, which exists as a street in the flow of time, and the modern architectural language that links the past and the future.

* Lecture Rebirth of Place

2019.10.05, Sat, 4-6pm

IAP Building C Theater

As 130 years have passed since the opening of the port, Incheon has the legacy of the colonial era and the Cold War era, which are opposing each other, in the process of modernizing the country. We have pondered how to interpret the historical event of the open harbour during the modernization and how to reterritorialize the historical and cultural products of the opening port era into our modern culture. The history of the open port in Incheon is marred by becoming a colonial city, but we have contemplated on how Incheon would remember it. We want to introduce IAP, a place that has worked through 10 years of work in hopes of 're-opening' a 130-year-old city as an evolutionary place to overcome the limits of the region and turn it into a life base through cultural and artistic reflection.