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[ Exhibition ] The 10th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition Overdrive 2009-2019: traveling subjects, creators, experience of places, Section 3. 'To Expand'

Exhibition Period
2019-09-25 ~ 2019-10-27
Exhibition Time
12:00 - 18:00, ް (Closed on Mondays)
Exhibition Location
Cha studio (58, Sinpo-ro 15beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon)
Admission Fee
Exhibition Question

Section 3. To Expand

Other Residence Other Locality

Cha studio (58, Sinpo-ro 15beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon)

2019.09.25, Wed–10.27, Sun, 12-6pm, Closed on Mondays

Section 3. To Expand will be held in the gallery near but outside the IAP, Cha Studio(58, Sinporo 15beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon). The exhibition illuminates artists who participated in the residency program of IAP, especially who gathered for small group activities and creating artistic spaces in Junggu area. Contextualizing these artists, the exhibition highlights Incheons placeness and relocates it within contemporary context.

Other Mapping 1.0

There are two different versions of mapping on the first floor. First is a mapping the work and activities of artists found inside of the Cultural District of the Open Port and Incheon, where IAP is located, among the artists who have participated in the residency throughout the past decade. They have either been working in regional relations since before the residency or have delicately expanded the relationship between locality and visual arts by and reorganizing the area on the occasion of the programme.

Some artists have created a cultural space nearby since getting moved in or opened a space for artists' solidarity. Quite a few artists have moved their home or studio in the Cultural District or Incheon after the residency, and are beginning to be interested in studying the region and reconstructing it into the language of visual arts. The artists' settlement and residence as a workspace create various relationships, connect with existing local activities, and act as a different power and imagination. Or, it affected the region as new exhibitions, projects, art fairs, and publications that were not seen in the area at all. Artists relate each other while traversing and crossing from physical to emotional, from networks to the art system, from inside of the region to the outside, from individual to community. (Details of the mapping and examples can be found in the exhibition hall.)

The second is the curtain of many wordings surrounding IAP, which has served as a quasi-Incheon Museum of Art, in the absence of the public art museum, an institutional black hole of local art, and a lack of physical platforms. It shows a cross-section of expectations and desires on IAP as a space for open discussions of the local visual art.

Other Artists

On the second floor, it shows the works or activities of six artists, Kim Won-beoum, Noh Gihun, Park Hyemin, Yoon Daehee, Lee Sul Ya and Hwang Moonjung, among others of 'Other Mapping 1.0' on the first floor. They work at their own pace and direction in and out of the district, traverse the region across the axis of physical space, or actively participate in projects, which expand the local relation, and reconstruct the past and present. Moreover, the artists run small art spaces, participate in regional cultural and arts programmes, become residents, and create opportunities to set up workspaces for artists.

Although it is an arbitrary mapping, other aspects of residence of artists, who traversed the inside and outside the district at their respective speeds and directions over the past decade, showed a variety of 'partial connections.' And it is also significant assets in the topography of visual arts in 21st century Incheon. Looking forward to the different residence and locality of other artists who will come to IAP in the future, the essay will be completed with the following instructions of Lucy Lippard: "A work visibly outstanding, socially radical, sensitive and sustainable either in concept or context, included in the public domain (out of art venues), and not hurting any living thing-that is, do something that would change the world. Good luck!" Cooperative Curator CHAE Eunyoung


KIM Won-beoum, NOH Gihun, PARK Hyemin, YOON Daehee, LEE Sul Ya, HWANG Moonjung

*Round Table 'Other Locality and Other Art'

10.27(Sun), 4pm