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[ Exhibition ] The 10th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition Overdrive 2009-2019: traveling subjects, creators, experience of places, Section 2. 'To Propose'

Exhibition Period
2019-09-25 ~ 2019-10-27
Exhibition Time
Exhibition Location
IAP Square, Building E Window Gallery
Admission Fee
Exhibition Question

Section2. 'To Propose'

IAP Outdoor Space


Woopsyang, Klega, HONG Ji-yoon

Section 2. To Propose is a project to reveal the placeness of IAP as an extension of the Section 1 by expanding multiple media to study cultural diversity. Klegas Everystate installed as a huge banner outside the building patternized the one States of exception installed inside the IAP Building B Gallery which expresses reorganization of the countrys location and borders under the capitalist power structure. Another outdoor work, Hong Jiyoons Chimney Chim Chim Cher-ee links the elevator structure with the exhibition theme and proposes the linkage as a chimney that supplies power to the Platform with ornaments of flowers, birds, colorful images and their crossing meanings. Along with the exhibition, as a way of connecting Incheon citizens and the public, there will be Woopsyangs participating performance 2019 Incheon Space-out Competition and IAP Building E Window Gallery will hold the photography exhibition presenting photos from Play Platform Puzzle which was the citizen participating event run in last August. Like a puzzle, small parts assemble to create huge figure as all expected, the project aims at completing the whole 10 years with numerous citizens and their stories accumulated from IAPs opening in 2009 to the present in 2019.

#Woopsyang 2019 Incheon Space-out Competition

2019.09.29, Sun, 2pm

IAP Square

#Play Platform Puzzle

IAP Building E Window Gallery