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[ Exhibition ] The Most Memorial Artist of the Year 〈GAIA-Part 1: Inflammation〉

Exhibition Period
2019-08-02 ~ 2019-08-24
Exhibition Time
12:00 - 18:00 | 월요일 휴관 (Closed on Mondays)
Exhibition Location
Incheon Art Platform B Gallery
Admission Fee
Exhibition Question
032) 760-1000

The Most Memorable Artist of the Year

SHIN Jaeeun's Solo Exhibition

GAIA-Part 1: Inflammation

Nominated as the Most Memorable Artist of the Year of 2019, SHIN Jaeeuns solo exhibition GAIA-Part 1: Inflammation is presented as a part of a follow-up support program for former artists in residence of Incheon Art Platform.

At the exhibition of the artist-in-residence 2018 Platform Artist, SHIN presented a contemplative view of a citys order and contemporary societys systems through the work 8m². The work was comprised of a chunk of used asphalt laid precariously upon a vulnerable platform of grease and Vaseline. The presentation appealed to both invited experts and visitors, granting her the title of the Most Memorable Artist of the Year.

Interested in the desires of man and the logic created to achieve this desire, the artist creates works by capturing the floating ironies of everyday life, recomposing them through exaggeration and distortion. By contrasting universal experiences with the objects transformed through unrealistic forms of exaggeration and distortion, she pursues a kind of coexistence of ambivalent values and creates critical narratives by focusing on aspects of specific shapes. Through this, the artist attempts to actively and explicitly intervene in reality.

Presented in the exhibition, the series of GAIA reveals the violence and hypocrisy generated by humans in our attempt to elevate ourselves to a dignified existence. The title of the series was borrowed from British scientist James Lovelocks Gaia Theory (a concept that earth is one organism composed of the environment and living thingsa self-regulating living organism). This exhibition presents its second iteration, following her solo exhibition last June, GAIA-Prologue (Incheon Art Platform Window Gallery, 2018).

The exhibitions subtitle and the title of her new series, Inflammation, indicates the social ills that express emotions or pains of others as social commodities making a spectacle out of it, as seen in the case of poverty porn that portrays peoples suffering and disease in a sensational manner. From an attitude of people who face such an inflammatory phenomenon, the artist captures human selfishness and hypocrisy, comparing them to oil produced from underground deposits. The artist takes the structure and space flow of IAP Gallery B, where the exhibition takes place, in order to visualize how an inflamed substance from the ground is refined and used by men.

The beginning of GAIA series was Silent Tower Pink (2018) which was presented in her previous exhibition. Contrasting the firmly piled strata of clay, asphalt and concrete, a dead pig that is buried underneath occupies an important position. Starting with the pig that was laid underneath the new miniature tower in the lobby, one is led to a red carpet below (which looks like blood). Following this red carpet, the audience is directed to the oil outlet. The buried pig turns into a black extract that spurts out from the ornament of a fountain, shooting up from the bottom to the top, then refined into clear oil.

Meanwhile, various color palettes on the walls of the second floor depict a graph of varying international oil prices (WTI) for the last 10 years (also called an inflammation index). At the end of the graph, a video depicts pigs senselessly falling into the ground behind the exhibition, as they transform, becoming goods of the market system, and are used like an interior finishing material. These pigs will become a form of black inflammation again someday, shooting up as an oil fountain.

Two structures across the exhibition hall, the wall installation, and the video of senselessly falling pigs organically connect and function as one artwork. Through the material properties, the structuring of the exhibition space and its space flow, the exhibition offers the audience a form of sensuous experience.