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[ Exhibition ] IAP Artist-in-Residence Program 2020 Roland FARKAS\'s Solo Exhibition \'The Next World / One Minute Quarantine\'

Exhibition Period
2020-05-14 ~ 2020-05-24
Exhibition Time
9:00~22:00 (상시관람)
Exhibition Location
IAP Window Gallery
Admission Fee
Exhibition Question

IAP Artist-in-Residence Program 2020

Roland FARKAS’ Solo Exhibition

The Next World / One Minute Quarantine

14 - 24 May, 2020, 9:00-22:00

Incheon Art Platform Window Gallery

**There is no opening reception.

Our lives have already been changed during the previous weeks, but who remembers what the hot issue was before the coronavirus epidemic hit? The discourse was about global warming, autocratic political leaders and rumors about the next financial crisis, but we have heard nothing about another possible component: a biological crisis. The current pandemic is the result of how we live on this planet and as a consequence the world is potentially heading towards the biggest crisis in the history of capitalism. The circle is closed.

The Next World / One Minute Quarantine is the solo exhibition of IAP Artist-in-Residence 2020, Roland FARKAS. This exhibition reflects on the current worldwide events and the possible outcomes in a post-pandemic world. In his project the artist examines the effects of the crisis; how it will shape our world, our freedom, our democracy, our solidarity, the pollution of our environment as well as our economy in an interconnected world where crises became unavoidably global.

As the title suggests, the exhibition consists of two parts. At first, the ’fashion shop’ – in a permanent state of (re)opening – created for the show and titled ’The Next World’, here symbolizes the market economy. A little over a century ago, cotton, the raw material of the fashion industry, had the same importance as oil does today. Besides the fact that the fashion industry causes enormous environmental damage, cheap textile manufacturing is still based on exploitation of the working force and driven by capitalist logic in pursuit of profit. Our era of late-capitalism uses more sophisticated methods to increase profits by challenging people to become voluntary achievement subjects, resulting in self-exploitation, depression and consequently burnout syndrome. This is the new norm.

As the second half of the exhibition, the artist has transformed the open-air space of the gallery into a living room equipped with a golf course titled ‘One Minute Quarantine’ and it includes a video that shows the everyday life of a lone fictional businessman in self-isolation. Visitors can follow his ironic ‘philosophical’ contemplation with altering scenes showing the actual state of paralysis in the economy (e.g. airports with no flights, ships stranded in ports, deserted markets, etc.). The artist implies that self-quarantine is the privilege of the upper class while the mostly under-educated workers, whose toil has hitherto been invisible are re-evaluated in times of crisis. Whilst the rich care about business, our fellow citizens are dying as a result of the infection, we are watching it helplessly.

This exhibition offers both a positive and a negative scenario of the post-pandemic world and raises the issue of citizen awareness, the ability to get back the power over our lives and to choose the next world we want to live in.

Roland FARKAS (b. 1975, Slovakia) is an intermedia artist based in Budapest, Hungary. In his works he focuses on the mechanisms of monetary systems, social inequities and the value of human life in contemporary society.

Special thanks to Anna Sipos